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"I always thought interior designers only worked with people who had a lot of money.  I no longer believe that.  Tammy took my small, dark, and cluttered home and redesigned the floor layout, which included adding larger windows, moving a door, and adding furniture that was appropriate for the space.  I can't believe it's the same home, and I can't believe it didn't cost me a fortune!"  

Robert J.

"It's not easy to tell an interior decorator that you need one spare room to be a space for a guest to sleep, a small home office, and a place for your many pet reptiles!   But Tammy was able to create a mood board and 3D design for us to show us how we could use the space to accomplish all three items on our wish list!"

Jere and Lena R. 


Add Value

Your home is your greatest asset and  every choice within good interior design should not only be to create a beautiful and harmonious space, but should enhance the value of your home.  For example, everyone knows that a quick way to make a room look fresh is to update the paint.  It's an inexpensive solution that brings about a great return. But there are also things that we can help you to accomplish to go even further and not everything needs to cost you a fortune.  Take that popcorn ceiling, maybe it's time for it to go in order to give the room a more updated look that would be more appealing to a buyer.  Or it could be that the layout isn't conducive to optimal traffic flow.  This is where an interior designer can help.  We are trained to help you get the most potential out of your home.                                                                                                                         

                                                                                                                                                                                                                        We also believe that your home should be your quiet place to land at the end of every day.  It should be a place that looks appealing, feels comfortable, has great flow, and brings you joy.  Every room should have a splash of color to elevate the mood, just as being out in nature brings wonder to the soul as we gaze on the beauty in creation.  A splash of color for one person could mean a monochrome palette of white with a splash of greenery, for another it could be a grey and blue palette with a splash of burgundy.  Whatever the choice, every room should bring you happiness.  

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