Interior Design Styles

You have probably heard of some of the more common decorating styles such as Modern, Industrial, Farmhouse, or Contemporary.  But did you know that there are over 30 different decorating styles?  When you are considering designing your home, it is important that you know what YOUR style is.  Is it something simple like Modern or is it a combination of two styles like Modern Farmhouse?  Do you like certain furniture lines?  What about colors and textures?  Let's look at some of the characteristics of six different design styles that you might not have heard of and explore some different options that you might not have considered. 


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African decor is usually seen with beautiful bold colors, stripes, and animal prints.   The colors are earthy such as brown, clay or terracotta, gold, orange and black.  Ornaments such as tribal masks are often seen. The beauty of this decorating style is the careful placement of colors to create an overall pleasing palette.


Gothic decor doesn't always need to mean dark and scary.  While some interior decorators do go on the darker side with this design style, it actually gets it's origins from the Middle Ages.  Its characteristics usually have ornate patterned wallpaper, silk and velvet fabrics, heavy draperies, arched windows and a captivating chandelier.  The furniture is usually large and bulky but combined with the patterned fabrics, it creates a lovely warmth in interior design. 

Mysterious Gothic Bedroom.jpg
gothic kitchen


Japandi living room misture of japanese and scandinavian design

Japandi is a combination of Japanese and Scandinavian interior design.  It's main feature is the combination of light and dark woods on the furnishings.  There will usually be one accent piece and soft Scandinavian tones mixed with warm Japanese colors.  It is one of the peaceful and graceful decorating styles.


Mediterranean interiors have features from Spain, Italy, and Greece.  This design style employs curved arches, texture from brick, stone, and textured walls.  You will see interior balconies and rustic furniture. Beamed ceilings are common as well as a somewhat muted palette of colors. 

Mediterranean Living Room
Mediterranean style dining room plus liv


moroccan living room
moroccan room.jpg

Moroccan interior designs feature a blend of styles from France, Portugal, and Spain along with strong African, Persian, Mediterranean and Islamic influences.  You will see intricate carvings, furniture with elaborate carvings, jewels, and beautiful colored fabrics. The colors can be bold or somewhat muted but the focus for this design style is the ornate features. 


Wabi-Sabi is a Japanese phrase that translates into "finding beauty in imperfection".  It has no specific colors or shapes and it is mostly natural and perfect while being imperfect.  You will see stoneware, wooden floors, and handcrafted items. It is a relaxed style that, when done correctly, is beautiful though not rigidly perfect.  It is one of the fastest growing interior design styles. 

Wabi-Sabi - Interiørtrenden som er så de
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