Your design style


Style 1

Decorated Bedroom
Blue Bathroom
Country Style Bedroom

You lean towards Coastal, Country, or Hamptons interior design styles. 

Style 2

You lean towards American Colonial, Traditional, and Modern Farmhouse interior design styles. 

Chatham Cottage Revival _ Patrick Ahearn
traditional living room

Style 3

You lean towards African, Eclectic, Bohemian, and Tropical interior design. 

tropical room
Boho Bedroom
african living room.jpg

Style 4

You lean towards Japandi, Japanese, Scandanavian, and Wabi-Sabi home decorating styles.  

japanese bed
wabi-sabi room.jpg

Style 5

You lean towards industrial and Urban Chic decorating styles. 

industrial room
urban chic.jpg

Style 6

You lean towards Hollywood Glamor and Art Deco interiors. 

art deco bathroom
hollywood glamour.jpg

Style 7 

You lean towards Victorian, Shabby Chic, and French Provincial home decor styles. 

shabby chic
victorian hallway

Style 8

You lean towards Arts & Crafts, Rustic, and Art Nouvea design styling. 

art nouveau
arts and crafts

Style 9

You lean towards Mediterranean, Moroccan, and Gothic Interior designs. 

Mysterious Gothic Bedroom.jpg
moroccan room.jpg

Style 10

You lean towards Mid-Century Modern and Retro home decor interiors. 

70s retro home decor.jpg