Mixing Design styles

How to mix your favorite design styles like a pro 

Be mindful of color

Color is the key to mixing design styles well.  So first, choose a muted palette.  Too many colors and your room will look like a hodgepodge of items.  Then spread the color evenly throughout the room.  You will find that you can mix furniture styles if you use cohesive color.  For example, you can have a sofa from one design style and a chair from another, but as long as the color is cohesive, it should blend nicely.

Scale in design

Don't mix large bulky pieces with small dainty items.  If you have a huge overstuffed sofa don't sit it next to a dainty end table. All the pieces in your room should be chosen for the size of the room itself.  Don't put small furniture in a large room and don't put large furniture in a small room.  Choose pieces that compliment the size of their space and compliment the size of the others.

Shapes are important

Be mindful of the shapes in the room to be sure that they are cohesive.  If you have soft round edges with hard square edges it throws off the overall room.  So try to pick up on the lines in different furnishings and keep them consistent throughout your decor patterns.  You will see that they all lend to the same flow of the room without competing with one another.

Room Formality

Your room is either formal or informal.  They can't be both.  If you mix styles, go with one or the other.  Don't place a grand crystal chandelier in a Wabi-Sabi decor.  You will create confusion of the space.  In the same manner don't put rustic hand- made country furniture into a mansion with marble flooring and a grand staircase.  It just won't work.  

Like with Like

Mix at least two like items.  Don't leave a piece of furniture to stand out as the odd ball in the room.  Use at least two pieces from the interior design style you are mixing. If this is not possible and you have one odd piece of furniture then don't try to hide it.  Make it stand out by creating it to be the focal point of the room.  Then build the rest of your room around it.  

Balance and Distribution

Balance the room with objects that have the same visual weight and distribute your mixed styles evenly throughout the room. by placing mixed pieces evenly in the room it creates more of a visual balance and the pieces will blend more evenly with other styles.

Get professional design help

Let's face it, some of us fall into a category where we like some of one style and some of another style.  That is the beauty of interior design!  You can design a room or an entire home to your likes without having to fit into a specific category.                         And mixing design styles can work beautifully if everything is taken into consideration carefully.  But if you don't do it correctly, your home can look like a hodgepodge mess!  Let us help you create the perfect space for you to let your personal style show through!