On Site Residential Design and Consultation Services

Modern Living Room

Small Room Makeover

Do you have a room that doesn't work any longer for the needs of your family?  Or maybe you have a room that has become a spot for collecting things that you don't know what to do with?   Whatever the reason, we can help you turn that room into a functional and beautifully designed space.  

Multi-Room Makeover

Do yo have more than one room that needs some updating?  Let us help you with your multi-room designs to provide a cohesive flow with the rest of your home.D 

Full Residential Design

On Site full residential design is a great opportunity to re-work your  entire space to take advantage of the best possible outcomes.  It involves a huge undertaking that can bring about great rewards for the homeowner, both personally and monetarily, by increasing property value.  

White Sofa


Consultations are available for a variety of reasons.  Maybe you are looking to sell your home and need design advice for staging it.  Maybe you have started a project and are unsure if you are on the right track with your design.  Whatever the reason is, we are here to help you!