What's involved in On-Site Residential Design?

Paintin the wall
Full Remodel

Residential design can be simple.  A room may only need some cosmetic work like paint, carpeting, and some new furniture or accessories.

Sometimes, an entire floor plan in a room needs to be reworked.  This could involve moving windows, doors, and even walls.  This is where the professional help of structural engineers and tradesmen and women come in. 

Intalling new windows

One thing is for certain with residential design: the most important step is the planning!  Without a good foundation the entire project will fail!  Check out some of the things you need to know below along with our prices. 

Color Palette
updating electric
Window Installation

Some things to consider:

  • Real design is not like television.  Design takes time.  The extent of the project determines the amount of time a design can take.

  • Your designer will help with preparing documents for floor planning, spatial planning, color palettes, paint schedules, lighting schedules, flooring, and all other materials, decorations, etc.

  • Any structural changes, electrical changes, plumbing, and construction will require the hiring and expertise of a licensed professional to be sure that everything is done safely and according to building code. 

  • Weather can affect a project.  Don't make your timeline so tight that a week of rain can interfere with it.  

  • Expect the unexpected.  Sometimes things are uncovered during a remodel that need to be corrected.  This adds extra time and money to the homeowner.  Prepare for this with your finances.

  • Most areas require permits.  These can take time to acquire.  Sometimes they are denied and plans will need to be reworked.

  • Remodeling is a mess!  You will be inconvenienced in your home until the project is completed.  

  • Communication is the key to great design relationships.  

Small Room Makeover

$400 on-site designer fee.  Does not include kitchen or bathroom

Multi Room Makevoer

$1,200 on-site designer fee 3 rooms maximum.  Does not include kitchen or bathroom. 

Full Residential Design

on-site fee is quoted based on the number of rooms in the residence

Consultation Services

$55 consultation fee per half hour, on-site or phone consultation

On-Site Designer Fees